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Storytellers Initiative: Collegiate Writing Competition

SeriesFest is looking to discover creative, fresh writers at the collegiate level. What excites us most for this cycle is the opportunity to explore series with a strong point of view and bold characters from the next generation of storytellers. In order to qualify, interested writers must be enrolled in a college or university program and are encouraged to submit pilot scripts with episodes running between 15–30 minutes (minimum 15 - maximum 30 pages) and a Series Format Deck.


The winner will participate in a virtual mentorship with an industry professional. 

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Key Dates and Fees

  First Semester
Jan 27, 2022
Second Semester
Mar 03, 2022
Student Standard $25 $25
Fees are paid through the submission process.

Entry Materials

Pilot Script

15-30 pages in length.

Series Format Deck

All submissions must also include a Series Format Deck to be uploaded to the application page under “Files & Attachments." 

An effective Series Format Deck introduces your project in a visually exciting and emotionally powerful way. It captures the reader’s imagination, allowing them to see the full scope of the series and embrace the characters.

The Series Format Deck should be no longer than 15 pages and include the following:

  • Log Line
  • Pilot Synopsis
  • Season One Outline
  • Main Character Descriptions (Up to 5)
  • Tone of your series (can include no more than 2 comps)
  • Producing Team
  • Key Creatives
  • Goals for your Series
  • A Creator Statement which includes Why This Idea, Why Me, and Why Now?

Entry Fee

See fee schedule above for details.

Please note, entry materials will not be returned.

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