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Caz Matthews is a Colorado-based supporter of SeriesFest and of the independent creators of television content who show their projects at the annual SeriesFest.  In particular, Caz has an interest in providing funding to projects in which diversity stereotypes and unfavorable characterization of minority groups are dispelled.  In conjunction with SeriesFest, Caz seeks to identify and financially support independent filmmakers who have important stories to tell and the desire to both create work as well as find distribution opportunities that further promote tolerance, acceptance and understanding of all cultures and persons in the general population. Caz is of the belief that these producers, directors, actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. are generally underfunded and/or encounter more challenges in securing financing to get their work made and distributed.


Each year, SeriesFest identifies a short list of filmmakers whose projects have been accepted as official selections in the Independent Pilot, Digital Short Series, or Late Night competitions at SeriesFest and who meet certain eligibility criteria established by Caz Matthews.  Such criteria are centered around diversity and inclusion stories as well as diversity within the creative teams who make them.  During the festival, Caz requests to meet with a selection of the filmmakers to further understand the impetus behind the projects and how the storylines will evolve.  At the conclusion of the festival, none, some, or all, of the filmmakers will receive a one-time financial donation from the Caz Matthews Fund subject to affording a producer credit to SeriesFest for that particular work. 

2022 Caz Matthews Fund Recipients: 

Brownsville Bred created by  Elaine Del Valle

We're Doing Good created by Elvira Ibragimova, Lana Link, and Rob Pfaltzgraff

Chiqui created by  Carlos Cardona and Sophia de Baun 

Dot created by Kimberlee Kidd 

Muslim Girls DTF: Discuss Their Faith created by Azziah Fatima and Atheer Yacoub 

Mashed created by Madge

How Not To Be A Junkie created by Andrea Metz and Michelle Peerali 

Projects Recently Funded:

Generation Por Qué? created by Jaqueline Pereda, now streaming on HBOMax  (2020 recipient)

Anything for You created by Matt Ferrucci (2019 recipient)

One Vote at a Time created by Mara Tasker and Sarah Ullman  (2020 recipient)

Racist Trees created by Sara Newens  (2020 recipient)

The Come Up created by Justin Burns (2021 recipient)

Sanctuary created by Devin Hampton (2021 recipient)

Slayed By Divya created by Ni Belete (2021 recipient)

Up North created by Emil Pinnock, now in development at Entertainment Studios (2017 recipient)

Everyone is Doing Great created by Stephen Coletti and James Lafferty, now streaming on Hulu (2018 recipient)

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